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Here are links to some helpful ministries: 
An incredible theological resource. You can get lost for days on this site!
Ligonier Ministries
A ministry of R.C. Sproul, Ligonier's website provides video, audio and written articles on a variety of important topics all presented from a Reformed perspective. To say that R.C. Sproul has been formative in the dissemination of the Reformed faith throughout the world is an understatement of epic proportions. His website is well worth a visit:
Christian Research Institute
A great resource for obtaining information to help you share and defend the Christian faith. You will find a wealth of articles and audio messages that assist you in giving a biblical answer to those who ask (and those who don't!) regarding the hope you have in Jesus Christ.
Peacemaker Ministries
Peacemaker Ministries, founded by Ken Sande, provides a variety of resources to help people and churches resolve conflict in a Biblical fashion. A ministry well worth checking out before conflict arises!
Covenant Seminary Worldwide
As a service to Christ's worldwide church Covenant Seminary provides numerous seminary courses absolutely free to anyone interested in enrolling. The courses can be downloaded and and include both syllabus and notes. Although the classes cannot be taken for credit they are excellent way of loving God with your mind as you grow in your understanding of both his word and the Christian faith.
Whitehorse Inn
A great site to listen to some thought provoking discussions and interviews on topics relevant to today's Christian. Michael Horton, an author and professor at Westminster Theological Seminary California, leads these round table discussions amongst a group of men representing various reformed denominations.
Modern Reformation Magazine On-line
Modern Reformation Magazine is a bi-monthly Christian journal that's well worth the cost of subscription. But if you can't afford the cost you can always check them out on-line. Though the journal articles are not all posted for non-subscribers there is still a vast amount of information available on a variety of different topics located on the website's archives. 
Presbyterian Church in America
This is the official website of the Presbyterian Church in America. Anything you need to know about the PCA denomination can be found here.
Reformation 21
Reformation 21, an online ministry of The Alliance of Confession Evangelicals, is devoted to encouraging biblical thinking, living, worship, ministry, and constructive cultural engagement.
Westminster Bookstore
A wonderful source to obtain new Reformed Christian books and resources! Here you won't find any fluff and not everything is written from a layman's perspective (after all Westminster is a seminary!) but there is a good mix of different level writings and most importantly you can trust what you find here will enrich your soul while not greatly depleting your wallet! Be warned, if you're addicted to books this site may prove hazardous to your addiction! 
Used Books
Though technically not a "ministry" if you're watching your pennies (who isn't?) this search engine is a good one for locating used and out of print books. 

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